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Mental Well-being


We live in a very stressful and complicated time that challenges our mental capacities and leave us feeling tired, depressed, and mentally fatigued.  As a result, many people today are struggling to cope with personal problems, parenting dilemmas, eldercare concerns, job losses, and bereavement.  Professional Counseling can be of great benefit to anyone who is seeking peace and healing.


Through the Church of St. Bernard, Alcance Latino has access to The Catholic Charities Parish Counseling Network that provides short-term counseling. Within this network, there are 120 mental health professionals available who can meet in person or via Zoom for short-term therapy (in as many as six counseling sessions with a $10 co-pay).  Referrals must be made by Fr. Robert Morris, the Pastor of the Church of St. Bernard and Executive Director of Alcance Latino. Contact Fr. Morris or the Alcance Latino Office for more information or to initiate the referral process.

Alcance Latino also provides frequent Mental Health workshops for adults and parents that offer guidance and propose strategies for managing stress, depression, anxiety, and grief more effectively. These workshops are offered in partnerships with Licensed Social Workers and School Psychologists.

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