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Understanding Global Migration



 Flee their home, cross an international border, and cannot return because they fear their lives are in danger.

IDP'S (Internally Displaced Persons)

Flee their homes for the same reasons as refugees, but have not crossed an international border.

Asylum Seekers

Flee their homes and claim they are refugees, but their status has not yet been definitively determined.


Voluntarily leave their homes to settle permanently in another region or country for a variety of reasons.


Global Trends

  • The United Nations (UN) Refugee Agency claims 730,400 new individuals claimed  asylum and submitted these applications to the United States at the end of 2022. The highest number of recipients at a Global Scale.​

  • Separately, Cuba (194,700), Nicaragua (165,800) and Venezuela (264,000) have had more than 2 out of 5 of its very own citizens file for new asylum registration applications.​

  • According to the Internally Displaced Monitoring website there are 5.9 million Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) due to conflict and violence at a global scale.​


Sources: ​

UNHCR - The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees-The United Nations Refugee Agency ​

IDMC - Internal Displacement Monitoring Center​

  • Throughout the 2021 fiscal year there were 1.6 million reported encounters with migrants along the U.S. & Mexico border ​

  • Over 840,000 of these migrants are students in the United States​

  • Women and girls accounted for 51% of refugees​

  • During the year 2022, 40% of the forcibly displaced individuals were under the age​
    of 18 years old ​


Sources: ​
Council on Foreign Relations, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, ​
the Pew Research Center and U.S. Department of Education​

National Trends

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